Helena Frumson

Managing Director, Business Development, EMEA

Helena Frumson has built a 25-year career in international leadership and commerce, enabling organizations to scale and exceed shareholder expectations by carefully assessing and turning complex ideas into solid business cases.

CEOs and investment funds trust Helena and her team to build alliances and influence strategic decisions to facilitate the most effective partnerships, ecosystems, and operations, which result in mutual growth and success.  

Helena is fascinated by commerce, leadership, and business strategy, particularly in accelerating product innovation, harnessing human potential, teamwork, and new technologies. She has held numerous leadership roles in industries such as finance, education and even fashion. 

Helena continues to use her position and expertise to educate and support others by speaking at industry events (e.g., Risk.Net and Risk Europe), guest lecturing in university MBA courses, and lending support through advocacy work– particularly as a mentor for The Female Factor and the Project Management Institute (PMI).