Elevate your regulatory capabilities

Regulatory specialists face the constant pressure of complex calculations, the strain of manual processes, and the need to adapt quickly to ever-changing regulations. These hurdles make it difficult to ensure accuracy, meet tight deadlines, and maintain a robust compliance framework.

Numerix provides solutions tailored to overcome these very challenges. Our powerful calculation engines effortlessly handle the complexities of risk capital calculations (under Basel III and FRTB) and other regulations, guaranteeing precision and even providing results for pre-trade decision-making. By centralizing data and automating workflows, Numerix replaces error-prone manual tasks and streamlines the regulatory reporting process. Moreover, our solutions are designed to be adaptable, empowering regulatory teams to rapidly modify compliance programs in response to the evolving regulatory landscape.

Benefits for regulatory teams

Go beyond compliance and unlock opportunity

Advanced regulatory analytics which not only help you comply with regulations but also go beyond baseline obligations to extract additional value and uncover business opportunities.

  • Comprehensive analytics for complex regulations

    Cutting-edge analytics support all major regulations such as SA-CCR, FRTB (SA-MR and SA-CVA), UMR, 18F-4, and others.

  • Fast calculations – even in near real-time

    Easily meet stringent reporting deadlines, plus get near real-time pre-trade calculations for decisive pre-deal analysis.

  • Flexible framework can adapt to new regulations

    Our regulatory analytics were fundamentally designed to be agile and configurable and can be modified to meet new requirements.

  • Transparent and explainable to regulators

    Drill down into all calculations and access detailed documentation, so both you and your regulator are confident in the numbers.

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Products for regulatory teams

Oneview for XVA

Oneview for XVA empowers XVA desks to confidently manage counterparty risk exposures, integrate XVAs into deal prices, and execute all trade types.

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Oneview for Market Risk

Oneview for Market Risk provides comprehensive pre-and post-trade market risk analytics. It supports holistic risk management with VaR, stress testing, and scenario analysis at both desk and enterprise levels.

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