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Accounting teams grapple with complex valuations, ever-shifting regulatory and accounting requirements, and the pressure of tight deadlines. Traditional spreadsheet-based methods and disparate systems often exacerbate these challenges, leading to errors and strained efficiency. The need for accurate, timely, and auditable financial reporting is paramount, but achieving this can be an uphill battle.

Numerix understands these challenges and provides solutions designed to streamline valuation workflows for accounting professionals. Our advanced analytics and robust calculation engines deliver precision and speed in valuations for even the most complex financial instruments. By automating calculations and seamlessly integrating with market data sources, Numerix frees up valuable time and minimizes the risk of errors, enabling you to focus on strategic financial reporting and critical analysis.

Benefits for accounting teams

Be confident in your financial reporting

Leverage valuation analytics for the full range of financial instruments your firm trades, powered by industry-standard valuation methodologies, to give you confidence in your fair value accounting.

  • Accurate valuations you can trust

    Industry-standard valuation models have been battle-tested by thousands of Numerix clients (and their auditors) over many years.

  • Transparency and explainability your auditors will love

    Full accessibility, configurability, and documentation for valuation models so you understand exactly how they work.

  • Value every single instrument in the portfolio

    No custom-built models needed! Numerix covers all instruments across all asset classes, including the most complex exotics.

  • Meet financial reporting deadlines with ease

    Automated valuation workflows, high performance calculations, and bundled market data make recurring valuations a breeze.

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Products for accounting teams

Oneview for Valuation

Oneview for Valuation delivers market-consistent valuations and Greeks for derivatives and structured product portfolios, combining award-winning pricing libraries with a high-performance enterprise system.

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FINCAD Analytics Suite

FINCAD Analytics Suite simplifies derivatives and fixed income products pricing. Boasting over 2,000 functions and 200+ workbooks, it enables quick calculations of pricing, risk, and cash flows. Features include mark-to-market valuations, risk analysis, curve validation, and advanced fixed income evaluation. Enjoy a user-friendly experience with Analytics Finder and Input Assistant for easy model selection, calculation, and debugging.

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CrossAsset offers the industry’s most comprehensive derivatives analytics library empowering users to structure, price and manage all OTC derivatives.

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