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journal issue

Numerix Journal Vol. 7 No. 1

The Vol 7. No. 1 issue of the Numerix Journal represents some of Numerix's quantitative research and development achievements lately. Many of these achievements have been implemented as functionalities in our products. With the ongoing R&D effort at Numerix, this collection of papers showcases the quality of the research on various topics of interest in the field. Readers get an update on the latest progress in the theoretical research and product enhancements at Numerix.

The Numerix Journal is a periodic publication of research papers, articles, and shorter pieces on quantitative finance and financial software. The goal of the Journal is to serve as a forum for the introduction of new research, modeling methodologies, and presentation of performance and benchmark studies.


Editor's Note



Analytic Exposures of Weakly Convex Payments


SIFMATM Model Analytics


Intuition Behind Parameters of Ensemble Carr-Pelts Volatility Surfaces


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