Venturing into Virtual Reality and Finance with Lyron Bentovim

Trading Tomorrow - Navigating Trends in Capital Markets 

Season 1, Episode 4


What if you could see data differently? Not just as numbers on a 2-D screen but as images that tell a story. This concept is Lyron Bentovim's dream. As the President and CEO of The Glimpse Group, Lyron oversees a myriad of virtual reality technology, one of which, D6 VR, focuses on finance and big data.


VR is a fast-developing industry; revenue is estimated to explode to $22 billion by 2025. In this episode, our host, Jim Jockle, is joined by Lyron as he shares his first-hand experience and insights from fostering businesses within the VR and AR industry. Listen to hear Lyron's intriguing story behind the birth of D6 VR and what he believes is the future of this technology.

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