FRTB-SA Analytics: Transforming a Regulatory Obligation into an Opportunity

Learn how Numerix’s FRTB-SA analytics can help banks uncover additional business benefits beyond just regulatory compliance.

FRTB’s regulatory timelines are finally getting closer. But many banks are behind schedule in implementing their FRTB-SA analytics, and they are discovering that deploying a full-fledged FRTB solution requires significant resources and financial investments.

Can banks extract additional value and a return on their FRTB investments, beyond their baseline regulatory compliance objectives? Numerix believes so, and this webinar illustrates how our FRTB-SA analytics can help firms achieve this.

During the session, Mr. Crockett covers:

  • Brief market context for FRTB
  • The importance of accurate FRTB-SA analytics
  • How to leverage FRTB-SA analytics to derive additional business value beyond regulatory compliance
  • Overview of the Numerix FRTB–SA solution
  • Example case studies and demo of Numerix’s solution

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