Risk Markets Technology Awards 2019 | Numerix Trading Systems: Structured Products/Cross-Asset

Numerix has won the award for Best Trading System: Structured Products/Cross-Asset in the 2019 Risk Magazine Markets Technology Awards.

A powerful platform of dynamic microservices, Numerix delivers Oneview front-to-risk applications for XVA, market risk, margin and regulatory calculations, in addition to providing end-users with the customised business logic and development tools needed to build their own capital markets apps. Amplified by diverse cloud deployment options, Numerix has its solidified  place as a market leader in front-office risk.

For the past 15 years, we’ve dominated the multi-asset class pricing business by increasing the depth of asset-class coverage and responding with the scalability and performance enhancements the evolving market has demanded. Why are we being named the best pricing and structured products provider today? It’s because we’ve also innovated the technology underpinning our analytics

Steve O' Hanlon, Numerix



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