Data Science Visionary Convinces on Transformative Power of Artificial Intelligence—But How Much Can We Trust it?

Artificial intelligence technologies have undergone a rapid evolution in recent years and have sparked significant interest among firms in multiple industries. The capital markets domain is no different. AI offers an opportunity to completely reimagine how asset managers and hedge funds seek investment returns. But how mature is the technology and, fundamentally, can we trust it?

In this article, James Jockle, Chief Marketing Officer, shares the insights of a data science visionary Dr. Vasant Dhar(link is external), who, through his research and through-provoking analysis of AI, arrives at an answer to the critical trust question.

Numerix CMO, James Jockle comments:


I agree that artificial intelligence—and machine learning, the process upon which AI is built—could transform and empower finance by significant measures, but AI is still very much a maturing industry and the following question stands out: Can machines be trusted?

James Jockle, Numerix CMO



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