Understanding the Quick Rise and Wide Impact of AI and MLs

Trading Tomorrow - Navigating Trends in Capital Markets 

Season 2, Episode 12


ChatGPT took the world by storm, reportedly hitting one million users within five days of its launch. The technology is now estimated to have over 180 million monthly users. In this episode of Trading Tomorrow - Navigating Trends in Capital Markets, we look at the reasons behind the burst in popularity and what the future might hold for AI and MLs. 


Tune in for a fascinating conversation between Host, Jim Jockle of Numerix and expert Adam Hyland, currently a PhD student in the Computer Supported Collaboration Lab at the University of Washington. From why Hyland didn’t see this trend coming, to if prompt engineer training will become the norm, to other tools that have garnered similar attention; this episode is a treasure trove of AI knowledge. 

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